Our team employs a fundamental investment approach driven by primary research and proprietary modeling. The investment philosophy is structured to create value by investing in growth & turnaround long positions, as well as tactical & secular short positions executed across the numerous verticals that comprise the TMT sectors. We invest with a longer-term time horizon with the belief that over time a company's stock price will rise or fall to reflect the underlying fundamentals of the company.

For long-side investments, Criterion focuses on what we believe are among the highest quality businesses from around the world, evaluating their fundamentals as defined by underlying business drivers, end market growth, quality of management, competitive barriers to entry, customer switching costs, pricing power and sustainability of margin structure. In contrast, our short-side investments are made in companies that we believe have declining earnings quality, increasingly competitive landscapes and slowing growth associated with maturing markets.

By using the twenty plus subsectors of TMT around the world, we build a diversified portfolio intended to offset both systematic market and stock specific risk while providing absolute returns over full market cycles.